Now, children, it’s your turn to ask the questions

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The shoe was on the other foot for news editor Michaela Maunders when she was questioned by youngsters at Field Lane Primary School.

The Rastrick school has been studying the media and wanted to get to grips with writing a newspaper article and what it was like to work for a local newspaper.

Years five and six asked Michaela questions about her job as a reporter and wrote them down in her notebook. They asked her what the funniest story was, what time she started and finished work, how to construct an article and why she wanted to be a reporter.

The children are also producing their own newspaper about events at Field Lane.

Michaela was then asked to speak to children in Years one, two and three about what her job was like. They also listened with interest as they too started to ask questions.

Jordan Lemm from Year six said: “Michaela was very impressed by the questions we asked. We learnt that she got to spend the day with the police force.”

Michaela said that the children had prepared some good questions. “They had obviously put a lot of thought into what questions they wanted to ask and some were very difficult to answer.

“It was strange being on the opposite end of the questioning but I was impressed by all the children. There are a few budding reporters there.”