No quick solution to improve learning

Jack Williams head teacher at Hipperholme Grammar School
Jack Williams head teacher at Hipperholme Grammar School

A General Election is less than seven months away and the political parties have begun to formulate their plans for the next five years should they be elected, writes headmaster Jack Williams.

My question is “What about the five years after that and beyond?” Improving education does not have a quick solution and it cannot be expected of a 14-year-old to suddenly manage a particular area of a subject if they were not learning that area at an earlier age.

In the last two years we have faced changes in GCSE English and maths that require pupils to learn new skills virtually overnight and it would be a brave political party that removes education from the political arena, sets an agenda for three to five year-olds and only changes policies for children as those children grow up.

I believe that this is the only way that we as a country will see improvements and I am thankful that as headmaster of an independent school, we only have to react to a fraction of the interference of non-specialists and can focus on educating children in the knowledge and values that are cherished by universities, employers and the general public.