Moustache – or mistake?

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THESE teachers have spent the past month exchanging grooming tips and competing to grow the best moustache.

But there is a serious message behind the facial fuzz, because the staff at Rastrick High School have been taking part in Movember which encourages men to grow moustaches during the month for charity.

Men at Rastrick High School with their final tashes after a month of Movember

Men at Rastrick High School with their final tashes after a month of Movember

Teacher Jayesh Patel was the instigator of the event and transformed the school into Tashtrick High.

Today most of the staff will be shaving their moustaches off but for some it will become a permanent fixture.

Mr Patel said: “There has been a couple of pathetic efforts but the majority have done pretty well.”

Sixteen members of staff signed up to take part in Movember but that number soon started to grow, which is more than what could be said for some of the tashes.

“The children have also been getting involved with Moustache bingo - where every teacher grew a different style moustache and the children had to tick them off on their cards.

“We had lots of them running around with bingo cards asking members of staff what moustaches they had.

“We did have a lot of fun but we have got a very serious message and it was a great way to raise awareness.

“As the weeks progressed we found ourselves sat comparing grooming tips and passing on advice. We did have a couple of accidents where people shaved a bit too much off while they were grooming and then struggled to rectify it. But some of us have decided to keep them.”

Assemblies were also held to raise awareness of men’s health issues including cancer, mental issues, alcohol abuse, and general well being and staying fit.

The school plans to hold the event next year after successfully raising £480.