Monster fun for all the family at home

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FAMILIES have stepped into the shoes of teachers to learn different techniques to make teaching fun at home.

Parents and grandparents have been attending workshops at St Andrew’s Infant School, Brighouse, as part of the family learning scheme run throughout Calderdale.

Organiser of some of the sessions, teacher Sean Kenny, said the idea is to invite parents to show them how their children were being taught in school and for the same style to be carried on at home.

“It can be hard to think of fun ways to learn at home so we show parents a variety of methods.The first session was for phonics and how to say the sound of letters.

“We use the sound monster in school and when the children see him they recognise a different sound of letter and it makes it more fun and different.”

Mr Kenny has also held a family learning reading session. He showed how the use of flash cards and a word hunt around the home can help improve the speed and reading skills of the pupils.

The school will be looking to hold more family learning sessions including ones based around maths, cooking and arts and crafts.