Meeting up with old friends . . .

PUPILS who were at Longroyde Junior School 60 years ago are invited to meet up with old friends.

Elaine Thurtle, formerly Lever, and Lynne Hardie (nee Wood) are hoping many of their fellow pupils who started at the Rastrick school in 1952 will get together to share their memories of times gone by.

“We started in the year of the Queen’s Coronation so this is our jubilee in one way as well. We had a reunion ten years ago when it was the Golden Jubilee and we thought it would be nice to get together again,” said Elaine. “We had about 40 pupils last time and three of those were teachers. But there was about 50 to 60 people in our class.”

No firm date has been set for the reunion but the duo is hoping for mid to late September. “It is likely to be on a Thursday or a Friday but we wanted to leave it flexible until we knew how many people were going to attend. The other reason is that if we do get lost of interest then we will hire a room rather than just going to a pub for a few drinks.

“It will just be nice to catch up with people, maybe who couldn’t make it to the last one, and reminisce and find out what everybody is up to.

“If people have old pictures they might want to fetch along that would be great to look back and share what we all remember about it,” said Elaine who lives in Queensbury.

“I know quite a few people still live in Rastrick so hopefully we will be able to get the word out there to people about it. There is about eight or nine of us that meet up now and again and they have all expressed an interest already.”

If you would like to attend contact Elaine on 07742941778 or, or Lynne on 01924 499455 or