Junior school objects to pitch plans next door

A neighbouring school has objected to plans for an artificial turf pitch.

St Joseph’s RC Primary School has raised a number of concerns to the plans submitted by Brighouse High School for the pitch in its Finkil Street ground.

The governing body at St Joseph’s is concerned about the restriction it will place on their use of the area, which they are entitled to have under the Agreement by Deed between the Local Authority, the Education Assets Board and the Governing body of Brighouse High School in 1997.

The school also feels it could cause disruptions to some of their lessons and the potential loss of amenity. They have concerns about the excavation needed and how it will affect events such as parents evening at their school.

Two houses also appear to have been ignored on the drawings included with the plans according to resident Stephanie Heyhoe. Her family lives at a house set back off Finkil Street and says she is nearer than the 50 metres mentioned in the report.

“These two houses have been here since 1989 so there is no excuse why they shouldn’t be on the plans,” she said.

She has concerns about the noise that it could generate, the traffic and the floodlights which she says will shine into her house. “The planning officer should realise they have not got a true picture of what it is like. On paper it all seems ok particularly when you look at the drawing on the plans,” she said.