Junior school needs improvement - Ofsted

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A Brighouse school has been told it requires improvements in all areas after its latest Ofsted report.

An inspection was carried out at St Andrew’s CE Junior School on November 27-28 and graded all four areas of achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety of pupils and leadership and management of needing improvement.

In the report Melvyn Hemmings, lead inspector, said: “The proportion exceeding expected progress is close to the national figure in reading but below in writing and mathematics.

“The fact that not enough pupils are making good progress in writing and mathematics indicates that achievement requires improvement.”

On the quality of teaching Mr Hemmings noted that teachers do not always set work that matches pupils’ different abilities and do not provide sufficient opportunities for pupils to work things out for themselves.

However, he added: “When teaching is good, teachers show good subject knowledge and ask searching questions to find out what pupils know and to extend their understanding of the ideas being taught.

“Teachers explain ideas confidently and make sure that pupils are clear about what they are to learn and what they have to do to succeed. Classrooms are managed well so that pupils are engaged in their activities and lessons run smoothly so that little time is lost.”

Views of parents, staff, pupils and the school’s behaviour logs indicated concerns about behaviour in the past.

However, pupils say that there has been much improvement over the last year and the school is a friendlier place.

“Pupils are eager to learn and say they particularly enjoy working together on practical activities,” it stated in the report. “There is a clear understanding among pupils of how to keep themselves and others safe.”

Head teacher Peter O’Hare said the school has taken all the recommendations on board and will be working to make sure targets are achieved.

“The school has introduced a new initiative we call Promoting Excellence.

“This is based on a system called Assertive Mentoring, which tracks progress and shares clear targets for each child in reading, writing, maths, attendance and behaviour. Through working together, I am sure we will be able to achieve the good standard that we are aiming for.”