It’s MP’s question time for Craig . . .

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BUDDING journalists had their chance to find out about the role of a member of parliament.

Pupils from St Andrew’s Junior school, Brighouse, interviewed Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker for the school’s website.

With the help of Les Dix, community projects manager from Brighouse High school, the junior school’s press corps team filmed and asked Mr Whittaker about his role as an MP, why he wanted to do the job and how he became involved with politics.

A spokesperson for the school said: “Mr Whittaker has been very supportive towards St. Andrew’s School and it is wonderful for the children to get a close look at how the UK system of democracy works in real life at a local level.”

Students of all ages and abilities take part in media club which is held on Wednesday lunchtime’s in the school library or the ICT suite.

Children learn about interviewing techniques, script building and get hands on experience in creating media for use both in school and for the school website.

They also learn how to use cameras, sound and editing software to develop television and radio shows and manage to find the time to produce a fortnightly news show.