It isn’t rocket science – but it’s fascinating

Science week at Shirley Manor Primary School, Wyke
Science week at Shirley Manor Primary School, Wyke

CHILDREN were inspired to learn about science as they took part in some hands on experiments.

Pupils at Shirley Manor Primary School, Wyke, have been taking part in science week in a bid to raise the profile of the topic and show how exciting it can be.

Along with their parents, the children experimented with corn flower and blowing up balloons without any air. They looked at how food colouring disappears in milk and about water pressure.

Bradford University Robotic Telescope team visited year five pupils to explain about space, marking the start of a partnership between Shirley Manor and Bradford University.

Head teacher Maureen Neill said: “We were all very excited about science week and the opportunities it provides to work with local industries and the science department at Bradford Universities.”

Teacher Deana Hmoud, who helped to organise the event with Judith Carnelley, said: “I find that science is a very inclusive subject. You often find children that can struggle in some academic subjects excel in science because they are engaged, interested and active.”