Interesting times ahead for pupils

Rastrick High School students taking part in the Erasmus+ project
Rastrick High School students taking part in the Erasmus+ project

Last month brought the exciting news that Rastrick High School had been successful in its application to participate in an international project working with six partner schools in Europe.

Ms Diannah Miller, Director of Modern Languages, recently put the school forward for the Erasmus+ project named “Tell me where you live and I’ll tell you what you eat”.

Erasmus+ supports activities in education, training, youth and sport across all sectors of lifelong learning including higher education, further education, adult education, schools and youth activities.

More than four million young people, students and adults will gain experience and skills by studying, training or volunteering abroad. The programme will also support more than 125,000 institutions and organisations to work with peers in other countries to innovate and modernise teaching practice and youth work. Together they will help ensure that young people and adults get the skills they need to succeed in today’s world. The project will run for two years and will promote collaboration between the project schools in England, France, Spain, Germany, Finland, Iceland and Poland.

Students will have the opportunity to visit two of the partner schools during the project, starting with a greatly anticipated visit to Finland in 2015.

Rastrick will also welcome students from Aútun in the southeast of France in April 2015. Youth Exchanges bring together groups of young people from two or more countries, providing them with an opportunity to discuss and confront various themes, whilst learning about each other’s countries and cultures.

It is based on a transnational partnership between two or more promoters from different countries and can help you learn new skills and increase your employability. Throughout the project students will use their foreign language and ICT skills to create blogs, a quiz, and a DVD to share regional information.

Students will visit neighbouring businesses and food specialists to research and share information with their fellow participants about the abundance of Yorkshire produce from local providers. The school’s Geography Society will also contribute to the collaboration.

Ms Miller said: “The project is a fantastic opportunity and hopes to make the need for international skills a reality for students and raise their aspirations and ambitions in their chosen study and career plans.”

Headteacher Steve Evans added: “Ms Miller has worked tirelessly to get this project off the ground and it represents a superb opportunity for our students to experience cultures from across Europe, whilst improving their skills in, and understanding of, foreign languages.”

By staff and students at Rastrick High School