Headmaster renews plea for road safety measures

Jack Williams, headmaster at Hipperholme Grammar School
Jack Williams, headmaster at Hipperholme Grammar School

A headmaster is calling for traffic calming measures to be put in place around his school to make the approach safer for pupils, parents and staff.

Jack Williams, headmaster at Hipperholme Grammar School, has renewed his plea to Calderdale Council for improved signage and a lower speed limit on Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe.

It follows an incident last week when a lollipop lady received minor injuries after being hit by a car while on crossing patrol at the junction of Wakefield Road and Victoria Road, near Hipperholme Grammar’s junior school.

Mr Williams said: “Past most junior and infant schools there are some sort of traffic calming measures. We are in the same boat, particularly as the school is on a busy road.

“If signs are up and there are speed bumps, it encourages more caution around the school.

“We want to make sure that we are working with all our local residents and neighbours.

“It was a very unfortunate accident and we hope to support the lollipop lady in any way we can.”

The school has previously put measures in place to try and improve the situation but Mr Williams feels more needs to be done.

“Parents care for their children and want to drop them off as close to the school as possible,” he said.

“It’s not the ideal spot there. We do encourage parents to respect traffic regulations and residents.

“Children don’t go to the school round the corner any more, so they have to get there somehow.

“We have incorporated the school bus system and we are trying to encourage cycling. But it is difficult.

“We do what we can within the limitations.”

Carolyn Walton, Calderdale Council’s highway network manager, said: “Immediately after the school crossing patrol lady had received medical attention, our school crossing patrol manager stayed with her and afterwards checked and confirmed that all the necessary measures are in place to make the road safe for a school crossing.

“There are extensive safety measures including double yellow lines, bollards and signs. We regularly assess the safety of all our school crossing patrol sites.

“Our move towards introducing 20mph limits in all residential areas in Calderdale by 2017 should also help to make a difference. Cabinet agreed this approach based on local consultation and evidence which proves that 20mph areas make roads safer.

“It’s a vital step in reducing the number of casualties on our roads.”