He can count to 200, read books - yet he is only three

Three-year-old Sherwyn Sarabi can count to 200, name every country in the world and can describe major body organs.

The Rastrick Independent School pupil has an IQ score of 136 which puts him in the top one per cent of the world’s population ranked in order of intelligence.

Sherwyn Sarabi, three, at Rastrick Independent School, who has an unusually high IQ.

Sherwyn Sarabi, three, at Rastrick Independent School, who has an unusually high IQ.

He has also just become one of the youngest people to gain membership into Mensa.

Sherwyn has been at the school in Ogden Lane for a few weeks and his family, mum Amanda, and dad Daroud, are planning on moving from their home in Barnsley into the area.

Sherwyn, has a reading age of six, and last week he spent the day reading one of his books to his friends. “I was reading my book to them this morning,” he said.

Sherwyn said his first words at ten months, could read when he was two, use an iPad and identify all the flags and countries of the world.

Headmistress Susan Vaughey said his parents wanted a school that could meet his needs now and in the future. “It is no different to having any other child in school. We have lot’s of bright children. We cater for special needs at both sides of the scale.”

She said: “He is happy and a lovely little boy. He has his own development plan as have all the children and we just work through that. We just want him to be a normal individual within the school family.

“He sticks with people of his own age and we are working on his social skills and interactions so we run the academic programme along with everything three-year-olds do.

“Obviously Sherwyn is different because you can sit down and talk to him but still have to learn the boundaries and expectations.”