Gruelling task for high school students


Students embarked on a steep challenge as they walked along some of the most unforgiving moorland and paths in Calderdale.

Thirty seven students and 12 staff from Rastrick High School set off from Ogden Water to Jerusalem Farm navigating their way among the many trails and using their own route-planning as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

The students attempting the bronze award made a short but in some cases challenging loop back to their extraction point of Booth Cricket Club after an overnight stay while students doing the silver and gold awards continued. They set off on a very physically demanding hike across the moors to Heptonstall.

It proved to be a tester for most students and the mood in camp was as damp as the sheet rain that had found its way up the hills and into the giant tepee that staff had commandeered for supper.

Not to be deterred the students bedded down early for the night in anticipation of their third and what was to be the final day of walking for the silver award.

Monday proved to be a bit gentler for those tackling the silver award who found the step up from bronze challenging but not insurmountable as they trekked up to Booth Cricket Club.

The gold award students made their way across the Hebden Valley towards their final night of camping at the beautiful and welcoming Horsehold Farm, which was once the stable hold for monarchs hunting in the area.

With the weather clearing into a mild summer evening it was clear the remaining gold award students had started to enjoy and appreciate the surroundings of the farm and the views on offer.

The last day saw the gold students navigate their way back to Booth Cricket Club.