German pupils enjoy their stay

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On Thursday, September 25, pupils and teachers arrived in Brighouse for the second German exchange visit with Ludenscheid, Brighouse’s twin town in Germany.

Brighouse students had been to the German town during the Spring.

Evie Wallace and Alex Brook talk about their experiences with the German pupils and why they value the opportunity to be involved in the exchange.

For Alex the highlight was the joint visit to Liverpool. The Germans were able to see lots of British heritage and we could share our history with partners, he said.

For Alex, The Beatles Story and Albert Dock were the best parts of the trip.

Evie says the best thing about the exchange is the opportunity to listen to Steph (my exchange partner) talk about how different life is in Germany. Although we often think the two countries are similar, the people are different and the buildings are very distinctive. It is fascinating to compare the two cultures.

German schools are very different too – we have much more art work on the walls. In Germany the walls are painted plainly.

Surprisingly we are also more technically advanced with SMART boards and computers. In Ludenscheid teachers still use chalk boards.

Evie and Alex both agree that exchange visits are a good idea. They make you realise that the world is bigger and you see lives of Germans as they really are rather than just as tourists.

Evie said it is fantastic to see what it is like to be part of a day to day working class life in Germany. I really valued the experience.

By Liz Cresswell, Brighouse High School head teacher