GCSE results: Hipperholme Grammar School

Hipperholme Grammar School students Theo Redfern and Eve Stollery celebrating their GCSE results.
Hipperholme Grammar School students Theo Redfern and Eve Stollery celebrating their GCSE results.

Here are the GCSE results from Hipperholme Grammar School.

Amjid N, en, ma, bs, hi, bi, ict; Arif H, en, el, ma, bs, ar, fr*, psy, sc, add sc, ict; Burnhill F, el, ma, ar, pa, mu, re, sc, add sc, ict; Cannon R, en, el, ma, ar, mu, gg, re, sc, add sc, ict; Chaudhary H, ma, gg, sc, add sc, ict; Conlan D, en, el, ma, hi, gm, re, psy, sc, add sc, ict; Farr N, en, el, ma, pa, fr, gm, re, sc, add sc, ict; Farr R, en, el, ma, pa, fr, gm, re, sc, add sc, ict; Fearnley J, en, ma, ss, dt, bi, ph, gg, ict; Featherstone R, en, ma, ss, mu, bi, ch, ph, gg, ict; Gee S, en, el, ma, ss, fr*, gm, gg*, sc, add sc*, ict; Gokce A, en, el, ma, dt, bi, ch, ph; Greenwood P, en, el, ma, hi, gm, re, psy, sc, add sc, ict; Haigh E, en, el, ma, hi, ar, re, sc, add sc; Hashmi H, en, el, hi, bi, re, ict; Kaye J, en, ma, hi, ss, ar, sc, add sc; Lally M, en, el, ma*, bs, hi, gm, psy, sc, add sc, ict; Levy T, ma, ss, ar, dt, sc, add sc, ict; Lobley J, en, ma, hi, gm, sc, add sc, ict; Manjanja A, en, el, ma, pa, gm, re, sc, add sc; Mazey M, en, el, ma, ss, mu, bi, ch, ph, gg, ict; Moorhouse J, en, el, ma, hi, ss, ar, pa, sc, ict; Palmer H, ma, sf, dt, gm, sc, ict; Pegg G, en, el, ma, ar, pa, fr*, re, sc, add sc, ict; Redfern T, en, el, ma*, fr, bi, ch*, ph*, re, psy, ict; Rose M, en, el, ma, hi, ar, pa, sc, add sc; Shaw F, en, el, ma*, bs, fr*, bi*, ch, ph*, gg, re, ict; Singleton S, en, el, ma, bs, dt, bi, ch, ph, gg, ict; Skirrow L, en, el, ma, pa, gm, mu, re, sc, add sc, ict; Stansell K, el, ma, hi, ar, ict; Stedmans C, en, el, ma*, pa, fr*, bi, ch, ph, re, ict; Stollery E, en*, el, ma*, bs, hi*, pa*, bi, ch, ph, ict; Taylor A, en, el, ma, hi, bi, ch, ph, gg, re, ict; Turton H, en, el, ma, bs, fr, gm, gg, sc, add sc, ict; Whaites S, en, el, fr*, gm, re, sc, add sc, ict; Woodhouse H, en, el, ma, hi, ss*, ar, psy, sc, add sc, ict.

GCSE Exam Key 2015

Grade A-star passes marked by an asterisk (*).

3d bt, 3D Design BTEC; acc, Accounts; act bt, Acting BTEC; add app sc, Additional Applied Science; add ma, Additional Mathematics; add sc, Additional Science; al, Adult Literacy; aln, Adult Literacy & Numeracy; an, Adult Numeracy; agr, Agriculture; ama, Application of Mathematics; aad, Applied Art & Design; ab, Applied Business; app ict, Applied Information & Communication Technology; app lw bt, Applied Law BTEC; app sc, Applied Science; asfs bt, Applied Science (Forensic Science) BTEC; as bt, Applied Science BTEC; a, Arabic; arc, Archaeology; ar, Art; ad, Art & Design; ad fa, Art & Design – Fine Art; ad bt, Art & Design BTEC; ag, Art & Design Graphics; ar3, Art 3D; ast, Astronomy; bi, Biology; bg, Building; bict, Business & ICT; bus com, Business and Communication; bus bt, Business BTEC; be, Business Education; bs, Business Studies; cat, Catering; CoPE, Certificate of Personal Effectiveness; ch, Chemistry; cd, Child Development; cn, Chinese; cz, Citizenship; cl, Classical Studies; cp, Computer Studies; con, Construction; con bt, Construction BTEC; cr, Craft; ct, Craft Design & Technology; cmd, Creative & Media Diploma at Foundation & Higher Level; crm bt, Creative Media/Production BTEC; cs, Customer Services; da, Dance; da bt, Dance BTEC; dt, Design & Techology; dap, Digital Applications; dap bt, Digital Applications BTEC; dap1, Digital Applications Level 1; dap2, Digital Applications Level 2; dm, Drama; dm bt, Drama BTEC; dtel, DT Electronic Products; dtgr, DT Graphic Products; ec, Economics; et, Electronics; eg bt, Engineering BTEC; eg, Engineering/Engineering Science; en, English; esol, English for Speakers of Other Languages; enl, English Language & Literature; el, English Literature; eus, Entry to Uniformed Services; es, Environmental Science; eqd, Equality & Diversity; ex, Expressive Arts; exp, Extended Project; fs, Film Studies; ft, Food Technology; fr, French; en fs, Functional Skills English; ict fs, Functional Skills ICT; ma fs, Functional Skills Maths; f add sc, Further Additional Science; fm, Further Maths; gs, General Studies; gg, Geography; ge, Geology; gm, German; gt, Graphics Technology; gj, Gujarati; hair, Hairdressing; hs bt, Health & Social Care BTEC; hs, Health & Social Care/Health Education; hi, History; hcs bt, Home Cooking Skills BTEC; he, Home Economics; ho, Hospitality; ho bt, Hospitality BTEC; hb, Human Biology; hhp, Human Health & Physiology; hu, Humanities; ict bt, ICT BTEC; ict, Information & Communication Technology; it, Information Technology; il, Italian; ks, Key Skills; la, Latin; lw, Law; lt, Leisure & Tourism; mf, Manufacturing; ma, Mathematics; ms, Media Studies; mma, Method in Mathematics; nm, Money Management; mv, Motor Vehicle Studies; mu, Music; mu bt, Music BTEC; nh, Nutrition & Health; ocr, OCR National ICT; ot, Office Technology; pa, Performing Arts; pa bt, Performing Arts BTEC; psd, Personal & Social Development; pl, Philosophy; pho, Photography; pe, Physical Education; pg, Physical Education & Games; ph, Physics; pol, Polish; pls, Political Studies; p, Portugese; pwl, Preparation for Working Life; pd, Product Design; pd, Product Design; psy, Psychology; psv, Public Services; pj, Punjabi; re, Religious Education; rt, Resistant Materials Tech; ret bt, Retail BTEC; ru, Russian; sc, Science; sc bt, Science BTEC; sfl, Skilled for Life (Edexcel); so, Sociology; sp, Spanish; s bt, Sport BTEC; ss, Sport studies; sl, Sports Leader; st, Statistics; step, Step-UP; sys, Systems & Control; te, Technology; tx, Textiles; tt, Travel & Tourism; tt bt, Travel & Tourism BTEC; ur, Urdu; voc, Vocational Studies; wks bt, Workskills BTEC.