Emotional trip follows in soldiers’ footsteps


A small group of students and staff left Lightcliffe for the coast of France making their way on what was to be an emotional trip.

Students of all ages who represented the whole school joined a handful of teachers to follow in the footsteps of the Allied armies of 70 years ago.

After an overnight journey the next few days were spent exploring battlefield sites. Students particular enjoyed visiting Omaha beach and the Pegasus Bridge Museum, which was a strategic area captured by the British 6th Airborne Division as part of the allied invasion in June 1944 – D-Day.

The weather was so glorious evenings were spent on the beach but there were many sombre moments. School participants held a wreath laying ceremony at the British cemetery in Ranville where many of the less fortunate soldiers from the 6th Airborne were buried.

Students and staff found the cemeteries especially moving and were overwhelmed by the number of graves and the scale of loss on both sides in the Normandy campaign.

Students returned home with many memories and a better understanding of World War II having visited the battlefields, which will support their progression in studying history at GCSE and A-level.