Dormitories put on hold

Rastrick Independent School.
Rastrick Independent School.

A LACK of information has resulted in a decision for two dormitory blocks at Rastrick Independent School being deferred.

Councillors on Calderdale Council’s planning committee decided clarification was needed before they could make a decision.

Resident John Leach said he felt the blocks would be too close to his house and there was lack of parking for staff with no car park.

Councillor Ann McAllister (Con, Rastrick) said the site already compromised of two storey classrooms granted approval last year by delegated powers. She also felt that over development on the site of four overbearing buildings was too much.

The agent speaking on behalf of the school said there had been some confusion surrounding the number of staff set to be employed. “The business plan refers to 40 people’s positions being involved with the care of the pupils in terms of where they might be living if they don’t get permission, taking them out on trips and tutorials and who will be involved in their auxiliary care. There will be three to five members of staff with this development.”

Councillor Martin Peel said the number of children attending was extremely important to make a decision because the more children that attended the more staff were needed, the more space on site and the more traffic movements.

The agent said there were 22 bedrooms in each dormitory and they were visiting teenage children from abroad that wouldn’t need the same care.

Councillor David Hardy said: “The first two issues to me are how many pupils are going to be at the school if this extension is built and how many permanent members of staff are there on a day to day basis?”

He said they needed to have appropriate car parking too.