Cheers! Students show their pom-pom prowess

Hipperholme Thunders cheerleading team
Hipperholme Thunders cheerleading team

Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School’s Cheerleading Team – Hipperholme Thunders - are a team of 24 students aged from 11 to 17, most of whom have only just been introduced to the emerging world of competitive cheerleading.

The team have just returned from the British Cheerleading Association Northern Schools Cheerleading Championships, bringing home the trophies for first, third and fourth place - an unprecedented success.

The team have trained very hard with up to four hours of training per week for this competition throughout the year, which has certainly paid off.

They performed three separate routines at the competition, all of which were outstanding and thrilling to watch, crammed with daring stunting, fantastic tumbling, very high jumps and a neat dance.

This was only the second competition for the girls. Their overall win at the National School Competition in 2013 also gave them recognition by the Halifax Courier at the Calderdale Sports Awards.

All routines are put together by proud coaches Katie Beaumont and Olivia Hodges, sixth form students at the school.

The difficulty and creativity of the routines were given almost full marks in May at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, thanks to the choreography of these girls.

Coach Katie said: “The girls did me proud. On the practice mats before performances all routines had some wobbles but they really pulled it out of the bag when they had to.

“Through injuries and illness these girls did so well - I couldn’t be happier.

“They are all stars in my eyes and I am honoured to be called their coach after their performances at the competition.”

Coach Olivia added: “I am beyond proud of how much these girls have improved throughout the year, seeing their confidence improve and bond as a team becoming stronger each week.

“As I see their smiles it makes everything worthwhile for me.”