Captivating evening of song, dance and poetry

Talented youngsters lit up the stage with an evening of variety performances at the annual Rastrick’s Got Talent showcase.

Back for its fifth year, acts from Rastrick High School and Sixth Form College took over the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield to stage an extravaganza of pure talent.

Rastrick Got Talent 2014. Pictured are Gigi Hinchliffe, Nicole Hadfield and  Sian Sanderson

Rastrick Got Talent 2014. Pictured are Gigi Hinchliffe, Nicole Hadfield and Sian Sanderson

The audience and professional judging panel were truly speechless at the diversity of gifted and talented students on show with musicians on piano, flute, drums and guitar to singers, dancers and Rastrick’s very own beat box crew. Deborah Adamson, organiser of the event, was thoroughly impressed with the dedication from all involved this year.

“The students and staff sacrificed a lot of their time between work and school to make this event a success, and it paid off.

“Each student was given a staff mentor and I feel this is one of the key parts to our success.

“Students are ready, able and well-rehearsed to rise to the challenge of the stage in a professional theatre.

“Andrew Ball, sixth form student and my willing co-host, took on a huge responsibility being next to me on stage but we became one and he too showed that Rastrick has certainly got talent.”

Many of the acts were entirely original with some composing their own songs, others choreographing their own routines and for the first time this year, spoken poetry of an original work.

Judging the acts was especially tough this year given the range of ages and disciplines but expertly handled by a panel of professionals four times UK Beatboxing Champion and former student, Patrick Hirst and local professional dancer, Vicky Cooper.

This year’s winner was Megan Garbutt from Year 8 who gave a truly award winning, West End worthy performance of ‘I Can’t Do It Alone’ from the musical Chicago. Year 10 student, Caius Lee, came a very close second place with his beautiful and captivating performance on piano of ‘In Un Altra Vita’ (In another Life), a piece by Ludovico Einaudi, one of Itay’s great film and pop composers.

Third place went to another Year 11 student, Rebecca Morris, who brought spoken poetry, or spoken word as it is often referred to, to the line-up for the first time. She gave a unique and enjoyable performance of her poem entitled ‘Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic’, delivering passionate prose rich with emotion.

Head teacher, Mr Steve Evans, said: “This was the first Rastrick’s Got Talent I have attended and I couldn’t have hoped for a more entertaining and inspiring evening.

“The standard of performance was breath taking and reflected not just the superbly talented students we have at Rastrick High School, but the dedication and commitment of the staff for providing such an enriching experience for our students.”