Campaign is launched for 20 mph school zones . . .

A campaign has been set up to introduce 20mph zones outside schools in Calderdale.

As reported by the Brighouse Echo back in May this year Brighouse headteachers were keen to have 20mph zones outside schools, and last month Brighouse Road Safety Committee agreed.

Now Conservative councillors in Calderdale are looking at measures which would make the roads safer.

Campaigner Andrew Tagg said: “We want proposals that are simple to understand, financially viable in these difficult times and will have the backing of the vast majority of people across Calderdale. 20mph limits on all roads around our schools would seem to meet those criteria.

The group is now talking to officers to examine the costs of implementing such a scheme and consulting with the public to ascertain their views on this and other road safety measures.

Councillor Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse) said it seemed to be a no brainer to introduce 20mph zones around schools.

“We do, however, need to look at the cost implications and how we can build that in to the overall council budget.”

A survey will be delivered throughout the borough and can be sent back in the post, free of charge.