Calder Valley MP goes back to school

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Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker decided to go back to school for the day.

Mr Whittaker and Rastrick councillor Christine Beal visited the summer school at Rastrick High School to help Year Six pupils make the big step from primary to secondary school.

The summer schools are funded by the government and their guidelines were used to put together the activities which were delivered by The Learning Group with staff and mentors from Rastrick High together with tutors with expertise in making learning enjoyable.

Councillor Beal and Mr Whittaker were encouraged to get involved in the teamwork exercises and a great time was had by all according to assistant head teacher Rachel Bailey.

Parents and the children were overwhelmingly supportive of the activities.

“The value that these transitional activities have in supporting pupils into secondary school was evident,” said Mr Whittaker.

“It was a real pleasure to meet everyone and see the scheme first hand.”

Councillor Beal said it was clear it was helping them to settle in. “We were able to join in a team building game where we passed a tube of Pringles around with our feet.

“It was an exercise that focused on communication and team building.

“It encouraged and supported lots of valuable lessons and fun and we were both pleased to be part of it and encourage what is an excellent scheme to help students feel more comfortable in their transition from primary to high school.

“It was clear that it was helping them,” she said.

Miss Bailey took part in many of the activities and said: “It has been such a great opportunity for students to make new friends, meet Rastrick staff and learn and develop a wide range of skills taking part in a range of activities.

“Fun was definitely had by all!”