Brighouse youngsters support good cause

Brighouse High School head teacher Liz Cresswell
Brighouse High School head teacher Liz Cresswell

Last Friday Brighouse High was overwhelmingly involved in Children in Need Day.

The Charity day is one of two non-uniform days which we allow each year and, as always, the pupils and staff embraced the challenge to raise funds for the cause with great gusto, writes head teacher Liz Cresswell.

The superhero theme was taken on board enthusiastically by the PE department who all came dressed as superheroes and by the art and technology departments who made their own version of superhero outfits.

The ways in which pupils decide to raise funds for charity never ceases to amaze me. The Great Brighouse Bake Off had been running all week in preparation for Friday with students in key stage three baking cakes with a hero theme.

Ideas ranged from Superman cookies to Ninja Turtle muffins, to poppy themed buns in memory of wartime heroes.

Funds were raised by selling the buns but also by charging pupils to vote for the best design.

Year ten pupils baked a Pudsey bear cake but decided to rename the bear. Pupils were charged 50 pence and staff £1 to have a go at guessing the name, which turned out to be Versace (very stylish!).

The staff versus the rest dodgeball game was a highlight of the day with more than 400 pupils packed into the sports hall at lunchtime to cheer on their favourite team; all wearing fancy dress of course.

Pupils also took part in sponsored silences, were tied together for the day, ran tuck shops and put on a musical performance in the library.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. It is important that from time to time we encourage pupils to stop and think about those less well off than themselves.

I am always impressed by the willingness of our students to get involved; they clearly care about the society in which they live and are prepared to do something to help others. Thank you Brighouse High for working so hard on behalf of Children in Need. So far more than £1,700 has been collected, with more to come.