Brighouse High School column: Reaching our goals and remembering Caitlin

Brighouse High School Year 11 students on their Duke of Edinburgh silver expedition
Brighouse High School Year 11 students on their Duke of Edinburgh silver expedition

As well as working hard to maintain high academic standards Brighouse High has been campaigning to encourage students to become involved in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Over the past 12 months 140 girls and boys have achieved the award.

Year 11 students Emily Rushton and Zoe Hepworth share their thoughts on why they think this work is so important.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is one of the most rewarding schemes that you will ever experience in your high school years. The mental and physical strength needed to complete the trek helps you prove to yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to. The skills and friendships developed during the expedition are those which will benefit you in later life. Not only does the award look great on college and university applications but skills learnt will be incredibly useful in the future. At Brighouse High School memories made and places visited during the expedition will stick with students for the rest of their lives, from the views as they walk through the Yorkshire Dales or memories of wrestling with a tent in wind and rain. Locations for expeditions get progressively more breath taking as you move from bronze to silver to gold, from the Yorkshire Dales to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

While on the Year 11 silver expedition in April, students remembered Caitlin Thaxter, a beloved student who we sadly lost last October. Students and staff wore pink t-shirts in her memory as Caitlin had been due to complete the award with them.