A brave new technological world

Jack Williams, head master at Hipperholme Grammar School
Jack Williams, head master at Hipperholme Grammar School

The advancement of technology is exponential and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the speed of “progress”, writes Hipperholme Grammar School headmaster Jack Williams.

I overheard a 14-year-old saying that Snapchat (a social media platform) is “so last April!” They were, of course, joking but in that observation there is some truth.

Children are playing in a digital playground and it is important that there is some supervision. I do not believe that parents and teachers need to be ahead of the children, but should certainly be aware of what they are doing.

Most children would delight in showing adults how to do something and taking the opportunity to let them enables that supervision without them really noticing.

What will the next six months bring in terms of apps, coding, platforms etc?

Whatever the answer, children should be allowed to explore this brave new world without fear but also with some sense of adult collaboration and an understanding that their digital footprint will outlast their adolescence.