Echoes of the past: You must be soaking! What a thing to do...

Joanna Swift, Andrew Calvert & Alison Barrett
Joanna Swift, Andrew Calvert & Alison Barrett

At Rastrick Centre’s garden party ‘soak a scout’ it certainly looks as though Andrew Calvert is getting a real soaking from Joanna Swift and Alison Barrett.

Whenever there is an event of this kind the organisers have often come up with some real crazy ideas.

How many can remember attending and event when two teams had to destroy a piano each into pieces small enough with the exception of the metal frame and then thread the bits through a car tyre? Or sit in a bath of cold beans for ages or be sponsored to walk across a hot bed of coals - something that is better known as firewalking.

Daft ideas that will give a laugh to all those attending and maybe like Andrew enjoy taking part. No doubt raising some money along the way for the organisation as well.

Now I wonder if Andrew had his chance to get his own back on these ladies?