Echoes of the past: Were you at the Hipperholme garden party?

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Thanks to Tony Conroy for the loan of this mystery photograph where we need a little bit of help from you.

The photograph was taken c1949 and the only clue where it was taken is a caption ‘Hipperholme Garden Party’.

The original photograph appears to have been a newspaper photograph.

Tony is on the extreme right hand side with his mother Marian and the only other person he can identify is the fourth child from the left held by her mother. Wearing her bonnet is Janet Rastrick. In those days the Conroy family lived in Chapel Street and the Rastrick family lived in Halifax Road Hove Edge.

Tony has recruited the help of Janet but they have no idea where the photograph was taken or what the garden party was in aid of.

Tony was born in May 1949, on this photograph he is but a few months old.

Are you one of these children who with your mother posed for this photograph - if you are can you contact me on my email: