ECHOES OF THE PAST: There’s always a silver lining at Bailiffe Bridge

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The Bailiffe Bridge Silver Lining at the Ebenezer Chapel was the place where older members of the village community could go and enjoy catching up with friends, listen to a speaker and then have tea.

Sadly those days are long gone with the club having closed when the number of members got less and less. There is a point when a club does become a non-viable situation which is always sad for those that are still there at the end. A club also needs members to do what I always call the top table jobs. They are the officials who sadly these days are getting harder and harder to find. I know having heard the story many times how someone new has go to a local organisation and enjoyed the meeting and speaker. Members encourage them to attend the following week and although it is the AGM which only lasts 10 minutes there is a good speaker on after the official business.

It is often after that meeting and the new member has returned home they suddenly realise they are now the club secretary, or even worse the club chairman, or just a new committee member. How did that happen, you will think to yourself. Well, there lies the trick, when volunteers were called for, everyone else took one step back and you fell for the oldest trick in the book.

Having been speaking to local clubs and organisations throughout the county for close on 40 years, those that have told me how they got the job always add that once having got into the job they enjoy it. But often say they now have a year to find someone else.

Here are eight members of the Silver Lining Club in December 1994 when some of the music students from Hipperholme and Lightcliffe School came along to entertain them.