Echoes of the past: Happy days at Castlefields School

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With the reported possible closure of Castlefields School and the students being merged into Longroyd School at Rastrick I am sure many former students, teachers and staff that makes the school work will remember their days at Castlefields.

I am sure they will all leave with many happy memories.

This group photograph was taken 23 years ago this month at one of the school’s fun day events.

Just to remind themselves what and who they are representing the student on the left has the word Thunderbirds penned on his forehead. I am sure they would not need reminding of that looking at their outfits.

In those days these youngsters would not have heard of Sylvia Anderson, who sadly passed away last week.

It was Gerry and Sylvia Anderson who conceived the idea and in time produced other similar shows.

Thunderbirds was filmed at some studios on a Slough Trading Estate between 1964 and 1966. The show was set in 2060, a little over a hundred years from the production dates.

At that time it would have been unimaginable that one day it would be 2016 let alone 2060. It is hard to imagine now that we are nearer to 2060 than we are from the initial production dates.

I am sure these three students will all remember that day on March 12 1993 when Thunderbirds were go.