Echoes of the past: Children are all smartly dressed for school trip

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Going on a school trip for many children is often the first time they go away for a day or older students for a week away without their parents.

I am sure many readers will recall the first school trip they went on and the parting words from your mother - ‘Behave yourself and don’t show me up and come back looking as though you belong to someone’. How you were turned out of course reflected on your mum - deportment mattered in those days.

In this photograph, kindly sent in by Hilary Taylor, are children from St Andrew’s school on a 1960 trip to Otterspool, Liverpool. Having just arrived at Liverpool station they are now boarding the buses which took them on the next part of their outing.

This is now 46 years ago - where have all the years gone? I am sure some of these school children who will now be into their 50s will remember that day of what was probably their first school trip - and I am sure didn’t misbehave or show up 
their mothers.