Echoes of the past: Can you help solve the mystery of this photograph?

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These young people are collecting an award at Brookfoot School but there are no easy clues to what the occasion is.

So let us look at the evidence we might glean from the photograph itself and away a few clues.

The shield is at such an angle it is almost impossible to find any clues there. But one particular award I do remember being presented annually at schools was the junior school road safety quiz and that was in the form of a shield.

Now, looking at the people on the photograph.

The man on the right is Coun Harry Edwards, who was later appointed as an Alderman and was the Brighouse mayor from 1955/56 and he was chairman of the road safety committee. He would be the most likely person to attend an award ceremony of this nature.

The clincher for me is the man on the left hand side. Looking closely at his neck he is wearing an up to the neck uniform jacket.

That was the style of uniform police officers wore when this photograph was taken in 1949.

The police officer would almost certainly be a visitor to the winning school on what for the students would be a very special occasion.

Perhaps someone may be able to identify some of the 19 children at this presentation or the lady on the back row. Who is the making the presentation? The number of motor vehicles on Brighouse roads in those early post war years compared to the use of motor vehicles on the same roads today has grown beyond anything that could have been dreamt of over 65 years ago.

Road safety committees first came into being following a letter sent by the Ministry of War, as it was called in 1945. In the letter the Minister expressed a view that physical measures coupled with the enforcement of the traffic law and regulations should be supplemented by propaganda of an educative nature with a sole purpose of educating all road users to exercise care and caution.

In a follow up to this letter local highway authorities were invited to set up and establish Road Safety Committees and grants were offered in the first instance to help that process.

It was not that long after a committee was established in Brighouse with newly appointed Coun Edwards being appointed its chairman.

There was an annual road safety gala with a long procession but how long did these go on for?

With very few photographs of these events surviving the test of time perhaps you know.

Are you one of these young people at this presentation ceremony.