Echoes of the past: Can you help date school mag?

'Er, I just rang you up to ask you what your phone number is!'
'Er, I just rang you up to ask you what your phone number is!'

I recently discovered an old copy of the St Andrew’s School magazine which is titled ‘The Junior’. 
It is a collection of stories and jokes written by students at the school. 
There are copies of poor quality photographs that were taken on a trip to Ingleton in 1956. 
I can’t imagine there are many other copies still in existence after almost 60 years.

As interesting as the magazine is there is one basic problem with it.

There is no date of publication on any of the sixteen pages. So I am looking for a little bit of help from any of the students who attended the school in the mid 1950s.

The editor H Wainwright writes that this particular issue was the second magazine that had been produced and a number of improvements had been made since the first effort.

Here are a few clues that might help to find out a bit more about this school magazine.

There are a number of stories written about pets. Susan Rawlinson who was in class 1A writes about her pet budgerigar who she called Binky. Whilst Pauline Eckersall of Class 3A2 had two baby pet rabbits.

She writes that they were called Frisky and Bubbles and she played with them almost every day and even taught Frisky to jump over sticks. Sadly, when Frisky was eight illness struck and he had to be killed, as she puts it.

If you had pets called Binky, Frisky and Bubbles please get in touch.

Anne Rathmell of class 2A2 wrote at poem about what she would like to do when she left school.

Another student L Howard of 3A2 wrote about autumn, whilst A Thornton of 2A1 and J Unsworth of 3A1 wrote two riddles.

Having read it cover to cover there is one story that does give some indication of the date.

The story has been written by T.A.Atkinson of 4A and gives a written commentary about the cup final between Aston Villa and Manchester United at Wembley.

Research shows the match was on Saturda, May 4 1957 when the hero of the day was Peter McParland who scored two goals for Aston Villa.

Despite some strong attacking play from united and one goal ‘Villa’ were the new cup winners.

This one story helps to tie the date down to between May and July 1957 just before the school broke up for the summer holidays.

Others who contributed to the magazine includes: Carol Hodgson 3A1, Robert Hartley 3A1, Raymond Scott 3C, J. Sullivan 4A, Roger Clayton 4A, Christopher Elliot 4A, Michael Barke 4A, Christopher Wormold 4A, Ann Nuttall 3C, Anthony Edley 4A, Jean Brook 4A. and M.J. Hallows.

The magazines closes with a crossword competition where the winner will receive one national saving certificate. Entries must be handed in by Friday, July 12 - which ties our date of this magazine down a little bit more. Between the 4 May and 12 July 1957.

The crossword is attributed to D.W.Mackintosh - who is Donald William Mackintosh who taught at the school between September 1954.

He left in December 1957 to take his first headship post at Mirfield.

Sadly Donald passed away in 2015 and was someone I knew very well and was aware he had spent almost all his working life in education.

The photographs in the magazine are not good enough to recreate here but this illustrated joke from the magazine gives a clue as to the style of its content and humour of the time.

The illustrated joke is attributed to S. Moorhouse Class 3A1- is that you or a do you know who it is?

If you were one of the contributors to this magazine and / or have a copy tucked away I would be very interested to hear from you.

Please contact me on e-mail enquiries@chrishelme-brighouse.org.uk or on 01422-205763