Drowning in a sea of rubbish

ACTION is to be taken over the condition of a cemetery after complaints were made to councillors.

Hove Edge resident Christine Dinsmore, raised the issue with Brighouse and Hipperholme and Lightcliffe councillors of the state of Brighouse Cemetery on Lightcliffe Road.

“There have been a number of problems that are making the cemetery look very untidy,” she said.

“There are a lot of overhanging trees that need to be trimmed and a lot of leaves that could be swept up.

“A lot of people like myself come to cemetery on a regular basis to visit the graves of friends and relatives.

“It’s also a popular place for dog walkers but the bins are full and don’t get emptied on a regular basis.”

Councillor David Kirton (Hipp/Light, Con) said that the whole place was in need of a good tidy up.

“The place is in need of some tender loving care. Some of the graves may need to be looked at and the grounds themselves as there is lot of mud and dirt over the paths.

“It isn’t good enough the state that it is in with bins bursting. It just doesn’t look good when it hasn’t been kept clean.”

Coun Graham Hall (Hipp/Light, Con) also agreed that action had to be taken.

“It is place where people come quite regularly and it is a bit of a walker’s paradise but it is no good when they can’t put the dog rubbish in the bins because it is overflowing,” he said.

“The trees are also quite dangerous as they are at a height where people can easily walk into them.”

Similar problems have also been encounted close to the Whinney Hill area of the graveyard.

Coun Scott Benton, (Con, Brighouse), who was involved in tackling the concerns of residents from the estate over the graveyard, said: “There have been problems on the Whinney Hill side of the cemetery which we have been able to sort so we want to see the same thing happen throughout the area.

“This cemetery is one of the focal points of Brighouse as it has some spectacular views over the valleys so it has to be kept in a good condition.”

Phillip Schofield, area manager of the Safer, Cleaner, Greener team for Calderdale Council took all the points on board during the visit to the cemetery and agreed that something needed to be done.

He said that he will be discussing the issues with the other departments involved in the maintenance of cemeteries and hoped to resolve the problems over the coming weeks.