Drivers lapsing into bad habits

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DRIVERS are putting lives at risk for failing to signal and driving over mini-roundabouts according to research.

Calderdale Council is appealing to motorists to take extra care as evidence collected by their Road Safety team and volunteers from road safety committees monitored 3,000 vehicle manoeuvres at six junctions across Calderdale.

The study carried out between August and September this year in response to concerns raised by the public revealed nearly half of all drivers are failing to signal, and six out of 10 drivers are not negotiating mini-roundabouts.

The junction at Church Street and Thornhill Road, Rastrick, just outside Rastrick Independent School, came out on top as one of the worst in Calderdale in terms of drivers not following the correct Highway code procedure at mini-roundabouts.

Results showed 36 per cent of drivers failed to signal and 61 per cent failed to go round the roundabout.

Sixteen per cent of motorists failed to signal at the roundabout connecting Commercial Street and Halifax Road in Brighouse, while 11 per cent failed to negotiate it correctly.

Calderdale Council’s Deputy Road Safety Officer, Kate Marsh, said: “I don’t believe for a moment that drivers have forgotten the mantra: ‘Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre’, but unfortunately the evidence suggests that a significant number of drivers fail to do so.

“Signalling warns others of our intended actions on the road, and it is covered under the basic rules, techniques and advice for drivers in the Highway Code.

“Driving over rather than around mini-roundabouts often results in drivers ending up on the opposite carriageway, which puts road users in danger.

“It is vital to keep up to date with the rules of the road. The Highway Code is for life, not just for learners.”

The Council’s roadside counts revealed that failure to signal and to negotiate mini-roundabouts correctly was seen most frequently at the junction of Free School Lane and Skircoat Moor Road in Halifax.

Drivers can brush up on the Highway Code at