Driver took his own life

A FORMER Wyke lorry driver, who was wrongly imprisoned in Greece, changed completely after he was arrested, a Bradford inquest was told.

David Wilson, 47, was locked up in 2003 when illegal immigrants were found in the back of his vehicle. Last November he killed himself at his mother’s home in Oakenshaw.

After being arrested in March 2003 he spent 10 weeks in a Greek jail before being bailed. His ordeal began when 19 Iraqi Kurd illegal immigrants were found in his truck. Mr Wilson was sentenced to 11 years in prison and fined 47,000 even though the refugees all told the court Mr Wilson had no idea they were there.

Family and friends organised a campaign to clear his name and his conviction was eventually quashed a year later. But the weeks in prison took their toll and his business went into liquidation. He also parted from his wife Tracey but they remained good friends.

The inquest was told that on November 20 last year Mr Wilson was found hanged from a bannister at his mother’s home in Salt Horn Close, Oakenshaw.

In a statement Mrs Nancy Wilson said her son’s life seemed to fall apart following his ordeal in Greece.

The night before he died he had returned from the pub and spoke with his mother before he went to bed. When she got up next morning she noticed his bedroom light was still on. She said she saw his head on the steps.

“He was sat about four steps down,” said Mrs Wilson. She noted a ligature made from curtain tie backs around his neck and tied to the bannister.

Mrs Tracey Wilson said in her statement that she and her husband had had a good life until he was arrested. At 2am on the day he died she received a text message from him saying: “I love and miss you all. All I have got is yours. Sorry.”

The inquest was told Mr Wilson had sought treatment for depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Coroner Mr Roger Whittaker recorded a verdict that Mr Wilson took his own life.