Double blow for centre’s over-50s

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AN over 50s group set up at a popular village community centre has been dealt a second blow.

The group, which meets at Bailiff Bridge Community Centre, lost its funding from Calderdale Councilouncil in January. Since then members have been raising funds by running car boot stalls at the centre.

Now the group looks likely to lose those after the organisers of that sales were told by the council that they could only hold four per year, at a cost of £25 each.

Malcolm Silkstone said they had paid £75 for the sales and had saved one for closer to Christmas which has taken them to the limit.

“It might not seem like a lot but it’s frustrating when you are trying to raise funds especially for groups set up by Calderdale Council. Once again they pull the funding away.”

Pamela Kelly, is a member of the group which meets every Wednesday. “We were receiving funding from Calderdale Council for Tai Chi and ballroom dancing but now we are raising the funds ourselves to keep it going because Tai Chi is very well supported.

“We are doing raffles and stuff like that to keep the ballroom dancing going as well. We have got a good group and we are trying to get more members coming to the ballroom dancing.

“Coming to the activities creates friendships and you get two hours fitness if you do both. If the funding completely stopped then we would have to raise the price of the classes and that is what we are trying to keep down. At the moment people pay £3 for Tai Chi or ballroom and £5.50 for both.

“We are going to keep fighting as long as we can. Eventually we might have to put the price up but we are hoping not to.”

A council spokeswoman said: “The legislation relates to a “concourse of buyers and sellers”, which is the definition of a market in law. This can include car boot sales, market events, table top sales etc where there are five or more sellers and a collection of buyers.

“The legislation is to prevent unauthorised competition to the Council’s markets. The policy permits charities to hold markets, but restricts the number per charity and per location, to enable the take up by more charities.”

If schools wish to hold car boot sales or something similar they must adhere to a number of conditions which can by found on the council’s website