Dominic’s movie’s in the Cannes

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ASPIRING film-maker Dominic Stables is prepared to go more than the extra mile to get his movie made - an extra 783 miles in fact.

The former Brighouse High School pupil is getting on his bike to help raise the money needed to get ‘Orange Fever - The Movie’, described as a lads’ comedy, onto the big screen.

He is cycling from his home town of Brighouse to Cannes in time for the famous film festival in May to publicise the movie and attract the interest of industry backers.

Dominic, the writer and main actor in the film, is in partnership with his friends Paul Drury, creative director, and Tim Ackroyd, production director, and together they make up NorthernWood Films.

An award-winning hairdresser who trained with Glyn Taylor in Brighouse, Dominic describes the film as ‘something like American Pie but set in a tanning salon in Yorkshire’.

“The film is going to be set in and around Brighouse and it’s going to have a real northern feel,” said 32-year-old Dominic.

“It’s always been my ambition to make a film and I’m hoping that people will believe in me. I think I’ve come up with a real-life story that all Brits can relate to. It’s a true and authentic film that is unique.”

The movie is still at the development stage but Dominic is determined to impress film industry financiers with his 16-day cycle ride through France to the glitz and glamour of the world’s biggest film festival.

“I like cycling but I’m certainly no athlete,” said Dominic. “Cycling to Cannes is the best possible way to make the film happen and make our dream a reality. I’m not in this to make money, I’m just determined to get this film made.”

Dominic, Paul and Tim will set off from Brighouse on May 5 on ‘Le Tour De Tan’ and aim to arrive in Cannes for an Orange Fever party on May 20.

“One of the scenes in the film is based on an accident I had with fake tan - hence the name ‘Orange Fever’. It’s about two lads who try every trick in the book - salsa dancing, karaoke singing and even fake tanning - to get the girls.

“Everyone tells me it’s a brilliant concept for a film. It’s a love letter to working class comedy culture and a look at what is really going on in ‘broken Britain’ in 2012.”

Dominic has lived in London for four years and still works as a hairdresser, his career since he was 16.

On his epic cycle ride, Dominic and his team will stop off in London, Paris, Nice, St Tropez and, of course, the French town of Orange.