Dog fouling crack down

A clampdown on dog fouling has seen positive results in Rastrick after residents voiced their concerns.

Councillor Chris Pillai said that owners were flaunting dog control orders in January this year.

He said residents had come forward to him saying that dog walkers on Lyndhurst Road and Rastrick Common were allowing their dogs to foul on the road which then caught on car tyres and was spread around.

But he told Rastrick ward forum that positive steps had been taken to eradicate the problem.

“I would like to thank Phillip Schofield and his Safer, Cleaner, greener team for their response.

“It has been appreciated by residents and people with high visibility have been patrolling the area.

“It has been really appreciated by residents and they have said the place is a lot cleaner.”

The introduction of more bins for dog waste is still be looked into to help those who clear up after their pets.

More patrols are to take place to catch owners not abiding by the rules.

Dog owners are being reminded that they could face an £80 fine if they flaunt dog control orders.

Residents are also being asked to remain vigilant and report any such incidents.

They can report dog owners to or call the Safer Cleaner Greener team on 0845 245 7000