Developer’s plans for new location of substation

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Renewed plans have been submitted for the positioning of a substation on a housing development.

Persimmon Homes was originally refused planning permission after a successful campaign by residents who lived directly behind where the proposed substation was to be placed.

The building is needed to serve the 147 homes which are currently being built on the site off Spout House Lane, Hove Edge.

Now revised plans have been submitted and they are applying for permission for the substation to be placed on the same side of the development.

But the building will be situated well before the houses start and is further in from the roadside.

The company says that this is the best place for the single building.

One of the sites cannot be used due to the historic quarry situated beneath a large proportion of the land and therefore will create open space on the development, at its boundary with Lightcliffe Works has been ruled out because the change in levels couple with proposed development means that it cannot be situated there and thirdly to the south of the development which was assessed as the only alternative there is a high pressue gas main so they are unable to build there.

There will be an 1,800mm high fence around the substation as well as planting, and it will be made to look like a garage.