Dentists shine light on homeless

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Brighouse-based dental practice, Town Hall Dental, are looking to shine light on the homeless plight in West Yorkshire with their new awareness campaign to raise funds and tackle rough sleeping and the vulnerably housed.

Earlier this year the practice set up The Town Hall Foundation, which serves as the charitable arm of the business and helps provide essential dental care and opportunities for those who need them the most.

Their most recent project has been in partnership with local homeless charity, Focus4Hope, and involved setting up a mobile dental clinic in Leeds to help homeless outreach in the city.

The goal with their new campaign is to raise awareness of the growing problem of rough sleeping in West Yorkshire, as the homelessness figures rise for the 7th year running. I

n addition, they hope to focus on the problem of the indignity of homelessness and want to encourage as much help from the community as possible.

Rachel Dilley, head of the Town Hall Foundation and Practice Manager at the dental clinic, said: “Working so closely with the homeless and vulnerably housed, you can see a huge desire from all of them to get back to work and get back on their feet.

“We can all help by donating food and clothes, but one of the things that’s so often overlooked is basic dignity for people on the streets.

“Simple hygiene products, wet wipes, the ability to brush their teeth, these are all things that can help someone feel loved and part of society again, and it’s an essential part of getting people housed and back to work.”

She added: “The community have been so supportive of our practice since we started almost six years ago.

“Being able to take our success and put it back in to the community was always the goal.

“Every one of our patients can know that when they come to visit us they’re doing their own bit and that money is going straight back to help those who need it the most.”

The spotlight on homelessness locally forms part of many plans the group have in partnership with Focus4Hope, who recently announced numerous charitable activities to fund their work such as a skydive in early 2019.