Dentist handed additional three month suspension

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A Brighouse dentist who was suspended from practising for a year has been given an additional three month sentence.

Dr Muzzafar Zaman was prevented from treating patients at the Fresh Smile Clinic in High Street, Brighouse, by the General Dental Council in London where they found he “crossed the threshold of misconduct”.

The suspension was given to him in 2013 but at a review hearing in last month, a General Dental Council committee ruled that Mr Zaman be given an additional three month sentence.

The committee noted that some progress had been made “but did not address each and every failing which led to the original findings”.

In the report it said: “The committee determined that Mr Zaman’s fitness to practise remains impaired by reason of the misconduct found proved against him.

“It considered that further suspension was necessary. It noted that both parties are in agreement that a period of three months suspension would be sufficient to allow Mr Zaman’s health to stabilise and to enable him to engage with these proceedings in the way that he had anticipated.

“The committee noted that Mr Zaman’s current ill health is relatively recent. The committee was of the view that Mr Zaman has had sufficient time prior to this event to undertake the appropriate remediation as directed by the previous committee.

“In those circumstances, the committee concluded that three months suspension would be adequate for Mr Zaman’s health issues to be addressed in order for him to be able to engage in a review of his case.”

A committee will review Mr Zaman’s case at a resumed hearing to be held before the end of the suspension.

Mr Zaman appeared in front of the Professional Conduct Committee over a course of hearings between February 2012 and July 2013.

The dentist faced 18 charges relating to 14 patients.

They suspended him for 12 months and said it would give him the opportunity to reflect on his behaviour and address its outstanding concern in relation to his dishonesty.