Debate over parish council status

HAVING a parish council could reap benefits for Brighouse, according to a town councillor.

Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) is keen for Brighouse to have its own parish council.

He claims it would help with major issues which include the local development framework.

“People’s biggest fear is the extra tax and they are going to get ripped of,” he said.

“But what happens in a parish council you elect people that are interested in the area and the only expense you need is for the parish council clerk who is part-time.

“You still get the use of all Calderdale officers so if you have a specialist interest in planning or something similar the parish council can still use the officers.

“We are so disjointed in Brighouse. We have United Brighouse which is growing but it is not a parish council,” he said.

“There is a lot of available government money that Calderdale Council cannot apply for.”

Jason Boom, clerk to Hebden Royd Parish Council, and Coun Christine Bampton-Smith will attend a meeting of United Brighouse on Tuesday, August 9 to talk about the advantages of parish council status and the benefits it can bring to a town.

“I’m strongly in favour of Brighouse having its own parish council which could, in the future, also include Rastrick and Hipperholme and Lightcliffe if that’s what people wanted,” said Coun Stout.

“It will be interesting to hear from people connected with Hebden Royd Parish Council how it works in their area.

“There will be a lot of public consultation to undertake before anything happens but I am keen to get the ball rolling. I want to encourage a good debate on this issue and get people thinking about it.”

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