Deal for new library hours

A NEW deal has been struck that will see the cuts to opening hours at Rastrick Library (pictured right) reduced.

Rastrick councillors felt proposals by Calderdale Council were disproportionate compared to reductions being proposed for other libraries in Calderdale.

Original plans would have seen a cut to the opening hours of the Crowtrees Lane library from 37.5 hours to 25 hours, a reduction of a third. This would have resulted in the library being closed on Wednesdays and Fridays and closing earlier on the other days of the week.

However, a compromise has been reached which will see a reduction in the cut to opening hours and the library will be open six days a week.

Councillor Ann McAllister (Con, Rastrick) said: “The proposed cut in hours at Rastrick took no account of its use, or its popularity.

“Rastrick Library is a well-used facility and would be badly affected by these, whereas other libraries could have their hours altered more in line with their usage and/or staffing levels.

“While it is acknowledged that we are all in difficult times and savings have to be made, Rastrick councillors have consulted with both users and staff and have made strong representations in defence of the library. As a result we have secured a change of heart.”

Hours will now be reduced by seven and a half hours rather than the 12.5 originally proposed.

The new opening hours which will start on April 1 are Monday to Saturday, 10am - 1pm. Monday afternoon 2pm - 5pm, and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, 2pm - 6.30pm.