Crohn’s sufferer says ‘we need more toilets’

echo : Wellholme Park toilets, Brighouse, to be sold for use as cafe/tea room. -EBOG1-2-
echo : Wellholme Park toilets, Brighouse, to be sold for use as cafe/tea room. -EBOG1-2-

A CROHN’S sufferer has hit out at the lack of public toilets in Brighouse.

David Hill of Lightcliffe has had the illness for 38 years and says there is an urgent need for public toilets in the town.

Mr Hill has lived in Brighouse all of his life and has watched on as Calderdale Council has restricted the use of the vital facility.

He said there used to be toilets in Bailiff Bridge, Wellholme Park and near to Brighouse Bus Station as well as some in Birds Royd Lane and Rastrick. Some of the blocks are still there but are not in use like the ones near to Brighouse Bus Station.

“The only ones are in Thornton Square but the disabled toilet is not fit for purpose. I could be in the toilet, where I have used my radar key, and if someone puts money into it, it over-rides it. I mentioned it to some of the workmen and they agreed that it wasn’t right,” said the 61-year-old.

“But the toilet is also a baby change and if someone is in there changing a nappy I can’t use the toilet. In Halifax you can only use the disabled toilet if you have a radar key and I think that should be the case here.

“I went to a meeting before they built the bus station and Metro said it was under no obligation to provide toilets.

“Well let’s hope everyone stays healthy. I don’t seem to get anywhere when I complain.

“There is nowhere in Brighouse. Just what do the parents and children do when they are in Wellholme Park?

“I am in a situation that I know now where I can go but it isn’t good enough.”

He was told there were toilets at Brighouse Civic Hall but has since been told that unless he is using one of the rooms upstairs they are not insured to let him use them.

“Sometimes they do let me use it even if they are staff toilets when I explain what I have got. But I shouldn’t have to ask,” he said.

“I just want to be treated like a human being. I can’t go anywhere without having to know where there is a toilet.”

Calderdale Council’s spokesman for economy and environment, Councillor Barry Collins, said: “The size and fittings of the disabled cubicle at Thornton Square meet building regulations for disabled facilities. The disabled cubicle is fitted out as a baby change as the other cubicles are too narrow to fit a baby change unit. “When the cubicle is in use through access with the radar key, the coin system shows red (engaged) and the door is secured. Only when the door is opened and the occupier leaves will the light turn to green.

“In addition to Thornton Square, Brighouse town centre has disabled facilities available seven days a week in the new leisure complex at Wellholme Park.

“The Council’s capital programme currently includes funds for renovation works on parks toilets, but due to the major budget savings required, it is unlikely that any proposed schemes will go ahead in the foreseeable future.

“The Council has been talking to WY Metro about possible provision of toilet facilities at Brighouse bus station. So far it hasn’t been possible to resolve the issue.”