Update: Rastrick man detained indefinitely for killing his elderly mother

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The family of a man who has been detained indefinitely for killing his elderly mother while suffering an epileptic fit has blamed the tragic event on the healthcare he received over 40 years.

Nigel Constable, 52, of Sherburn Road, Rastrick, was today found not guilty of the murder of his mother, Betty Constable, by reason of insanity.

Mrs Constable, 79, was assaulted in her home in Merleswen, Dunholme, near Lincoln, on September 22 last year.

She suffered serious head injuries, including a fractured skull and brain damage, and died at Lincoln County Hospital two days later.

Her son had been staying with his mother for a few days when the incident happened.

He was subsequently charged with the murder, which he denied.

Lincoln Crown Court heard that, on the balance of probabilities, Constable – who was diagnosed epileptic as a boy – most likely caused the injuries to his mother during a fit.

But he had no knowledge or control over his actions at the time.

The court heard that Constable had been on different medications of varying dosages over the years, none of which successfully controlled his seizures.

The trial also heard that Constable did not always take his medication.

But Andrew Carr, Constable’s epilepsy nurse, told the court that his job was to support patients to manage their condition themselves and that Constable felt he was managing his seizures better.

Arrangements will now be made to admit and detain Constable into a secure mental health facility for an indefinite period.

Speaking after the case, Constable’s sister Maureen Anthony said in a statement: “We would like it to be known that my brother loved his mother dearly and this devastating and tragic event has been the result of my brother’s healthcare over 40 years.

“We hope that no other family ever has to experience anything like this.

“But, until care for the mentally ill improves in this country, unfortunately they will.

“My mother will always be in our thoughts as we move forward.

“And we will continue to support Nigel in any way possible.”

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Holvey, of the East Midlands Special Operations Unit, said: “This was an attack on an elderly lady in her own home by someone who loved and cared for her.

“It has been a difficult inquiry for the family in relation to coping with her death and seeing a family member in court.

“I hope what has happened in court brings some closure to the tragic events for them and shows Lincolnshire Police’s commitment to tackling serious crime.”