Tough line on drunk drivers

POLICE are taking a tough line to stamp out drink driving during the festive season.

Officers from the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team will be out in force between now and the new year particularly in the rural areas and the town centre.

Inspector Mohammed Nawaz, who heads the team, said: “We take a robust approach to drink and driving throughout the year but we will be increasing the number of officers over the festive season. They will be concentrating on areas of the town centre and rural areas because I think some people think they have less chance of getting caught so we will be targeting some of the village pubs.

“Drink driving is no joke. It ruins peoples lives and I want people to think about the consequences of a ban. The impact it will have on their lifestyles, their work and insurance costs but also the consequences of killing someone while in drink.”

He said that it was also important for people to consider driving the morning after a heavy night drinking alcohol.

Almost one is six convicted drink-drivers are caught the morning after drinking but now the police have launched the ‘Morning after calculator’.

The leaflet contains the length of time it roughly takes to be alcohol free.

For example if you drink beers and ciders at an average strength of 4 per cent, it can take at least twohours for each pint to leave your blood stream, after you stop drinking.

A 35ml shot takes one and a half hours and a double takes three hours, this is whether the shot is drunk with a mixer or not. .

But surprisingly it is wine that takes the longest to be out of your system. A 250ml glass of 15 per cent wine can take four hours to leave your blood stream. Drink a bottle of 15 per cent wine - just three 250ml glasses and you can’t drive for 13 hours. That is 1pm the next day if you finish at midnight.

The leaflet also contains tips from the police about how to stay safe and legal.