Tackling issues at accident blackspot

Carl Bateman in front of his smashed up garden, after a car lost control and crashed through his wall on Halifax Road, Brighouse
Carl Bateman in front of his smashed up garden, after a car lost control and crashed through his wall on Halifax Road, Brighouse
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POLICE have vowed to do all they can to combat the problems at one of Brighouse’s road accident blackspots.

Sergeant Dean Maddocks, who leads the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said they had highlighted the problems along Halifax Road to various departments throughout West Yorkshire Police and they would do everything in their power to help.

“We have mobile vans and the motorbike who will be doing increased patrols in the area and I have asked Calderdale Council for the speed indication device to be used on there to reduce the speed of traffic,” he said.

One residents Sarah Cove said she was nearly victim to an accident along the road. “I was turning right from our lane which is accessed via Halifax Road and a van was parked on the crest of the hill, I did my best to make sure no cars were coming and headed out - a car was coming so fast from the Hipperholme direction that all I could do was perform an emergency stop.

“The car had to swerve onto the opposite side of the road and mounted the pavement to avoid a collision with my car. It was a miracle that a crash was avoided and my children aged seven and four who were in the car were terrified. Had another car been coming in the opposite direction or pedestrians been on the pavement or the driver of the speeding car not been paying attention this could have been a very different news story.

“Every time you turn right across the road you feel as though you are risking your life and I know many people now are extending their journeys in order to avoid having to make a right turn across Halifax Road. What will it take before action is taken? With three schools placed just off the road in Hove Edge I hope something is done before we pay the ultimate price for speeding motorists.”

Safety campaigners are demanding Calderdale Council takes action to ease their road hell before it is too late. The call came only days after yet another car collided with a wall along the road.

The accident was the latest in a string of collisions along the busy main road. Only a month before two cars had caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to three walls when they crashed in the early hours of the morning.

Paul Kenny who lives on Halifax Road feels the council is not listening to them and asks what it will take for them to act. He is so concerned about the situation that he is scared to let his children play in their own backyard for fear a car may ploughed through the wall.

The road has been earmarked for road surfacing work at some point this financial year, a date yet to be confirmed. Calderdale Council was unavailable for comment.