‘Sword attack’ accused felt sick to the stomach after hearing about injury to Halifax man

Bradford Crown Court
Bradford Crown Court

A Mixenden father on trial for causing grievous bodily harm with intent has told a jury he felt “sick to the stomach” when he heard about the serious injury suffered by his alleged victim.

Stuart Sinclair, 37, suffered a blood clot on his brain after a thin sword blade or skewer type implement penetrated his left eye socket during a street confrontation close to a parade of derelict shops on Stanningley Road in February.

Today (Monday) 45-year-old Mark Ryan, of Brow Bottom Lane, gave evidence at Bradford Crown Court and revealed to the jury how he himself had been permanently blinded in his right eye in an accident in 2012.

Ryan told the jury that the penetrative eye injury had resulted in him losing his sense of smell and taste and he needed medication for constant pain and a post traumatic stress disorder.

He also said he now suffered from a fear of crowds and had problems with his short term memory.

Ryan, who has denied charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and an alternative allegation of inflicting grievous bodily harm, claimed that he had been threatened in the past by Mr Sinclair and in a prepared statement given to the police after his arrest he said the complainant had tried to attack him.

The jury heard that Ryan had only gone out that night because his pet dog had run off and he was out looking for it when he came across a scene of “chaos” near the shops.

Ryan said there were lots of people and cars about and he recognised several doormen.

During questioning from his barrister Ken Green, Ryan denied being armed with a sword that night, but said when he saw Mr Sinclair at the scene he wanted to show him up in front of his mates.

Ryan said he riled up Mr Sinclair by shouting abuse at him, but then alleged that the complainant went back to a vehicle and returned with a bat in one hand and another object in his other hand.

The defendant said he thought Mr Sinclair was going to give him “a good hiding” and described how he pushed him away as he came towards him with his hands raised.

“I just thought I’ve had enough of this, turned round and went home,” said Ryan.

Ryan said he only became aware of Mr Sinclair’s injury when police came into his home to arrest him in the early hours of the morning.

“How did that make you feel?” asked Mr Green.

“Sick to my stomach...I just was shocked,” replied Ryan.

“Did you stab Sinclair with an object?” asked Mr Green.

“No,” said Ryan.

“Did you intend to cause Sinclair really serious harm?” asked Mr Green.

“No,” replied Ryan.

The trial continues.