Police warning after dog attack leaves sheep seriously injured

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A sheep was left seriously injured after being attacked by a dog in Halifax.

Dog owners are being reminded to keep their pets under control while out walking in the country following the attack at Ogden Water, Causeway Foot, on Sunday, August 17.

The sheep was seriously injured, but survived.

Calderdale wildlife liaison officer Special Constable Phil Sanderson said: “On this occasion the sheep which was attacked survived, but there have been numerous examples where animals haven’t been so lucky.

“Responsible dog owners should be aware of the risks of letting their pets off their leads when in the country.

“If dogs do attack other animals their owners can be subject to prosecution or, even worse, the dogs themselves can ultimately be destroyed.”

Special constable Sanderson said if there is livestock on the land, dogs should be restrained and kept on leads. Owners should avoid fields which contain cattle, he added.