Police urge residents to lock up as warmer weather approaches

Police are warning homeowners to lock up as the warmer weather approaches.

Sergeant Dean Maddocks, of the Lower Valley neighbourhood policing team, said there had been 11 house burglaries in Hipperholme and Lightcliffe in the last six weeks.

He told the ward forum the form of entry ranged from forcing window and door locks by using screwdrivers, smashing windows and sneak-ins where burglaries use open windows and doors to gain access.

He said another form is where items are hocked by a rod through the letter box. “I just want to remind people to keep anything of value away from the windows and make sure things are out of the way,” he said.

“With summer approaching people are leaving their doors and windows open. I have seen a few instances where people have been watering their plants in the back and have left their front door open but it only takes someone walking past that will take that opportunity to sneak in.”

He reported a drop in the number of reports of damage and a fall in the number of thefts from vehicles. “There is a lot of insecure cars. There are people that will try every car door until they find one that is open. I would say from 50 cars there is probably about ten per cent insecure. So just a reminder to hide items or better still take them out of the car. We are finding it is particularly a problem in hotel car parks,” he said.

One area of increase was the theft of diesel from vehicles but that haulage companies were looking at devices to prevent this. There has been one drink driver and a cannabis warning.