Police get tough on travelling criminals

FOUR vehicles were seized, three tickets were issued and various fines given as part of a day of action by police.

Officers have pledged to continue to track down criminals who cross the border between Calderdale and Bradford to commit their crimes and were out in force at the crossroads between Bailiff Bridge and Wyke.

Twenty-six vehicles were stopped and checked by officers from the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team who joined forces with officers from Wyke and custom and excise.

The operation was designed to crack down on metal theft and at least one vehicle was seized by officers after it was stopped in Lightcliffe and did not have the correct insurance in place.

Other successful results included four vehicles being seized for no insurance, three tickets were issued for driving offences and one was found to be using red diesel. The driver was fined £500.

Meanwhile another driver was detained for an outstanding fines warrant and taken to court.

Later that day, officers stopped a further 16 vehicles. Three people and their vehicles were searched and a number of cannabis warnings were given.

The day was part of Operation Hammer being run by the Lower Valley team last week. Officers took to the streets of Brighouse to advise residents about a few simple precautions that could be put in place to prevent them from becoming a victim especially by burglars as the dark nights approach.

They were also encouraging residents to join or set up a neighbourhood watch group in their area.

The teams are trying all kinds of methods to get their crime-busting message across including using the latest mobile phone technology, Bluetooth.

The Bluetoothing equipment detected 386 other people using Bluetooth while officers were out and about in the Brighouse area. Users received notification on their screen that West Yorkshire Police was making contact and many chose to accept the request which contained the campaign message - Keep it Locked, Keep it Lit, Keep it Hidden.

Sergeant Warren Pitman, who leads the team, said: “Don’t be a victim. We want householders to take a few simple precautions to ensure their homes are secure. Make sure doors and windows are locked, keep sheds and garages secure and keep valuables such as laptops and car keys out of view.”